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June 2019

Entry Four: Heartbroken

I feel like garbage. She broke up with me. She doesnt like girls. Even if she didnt mean to lead me on for a week, she did. She didn't love me forever. She lied. She hurt me. It will never stop hurting.

Entry Three: Site Issues

Regretting editing the home page a bit, currently trying to figure out the new theme.

Entry Two: Tiredness

This week has been pretty okay besides the usual self esteem issues and painful thoughts. The server has been running well, i have a few nore exprienced owners scoping it out. My paranioa has been acting up to be I refuse to let it drag my down ya know.

Entry one: Hello World

Hi, my name is Lola as you probably know already. I'm almost a adult despite still being a little kid inside and out. I struggle geometry but somehow passed Algebra with a C average.I grew up in the city, in the hood i guess. I never really saw it as a bad place till i visited this past spring, a trip that was more stressful then fulfilling. Litter was everywhere, my anxiety was buzzing and everyone was staring at me.From then on I knew if i ever moved back to the city i would need to go with someone i could trust and that i could love.I'm not going to say that i am okay, that i am fine because i'm not. And we're going to keep that between us.

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